About the lessons

Mrs. Hunt offers half-hour lessons for $20 each ($80/month) and 45-minute lessons for $25 ($100/month). Beginners typically take half-hour lessons while intermediate students need the 45-minute time slots. Discounts are given for families with two or more children taking lessons.

Each lesson is divided into three parts: technical training (scales and warm-up exercises), song instruction, and theory. Other elements, such as ear training, sight-reading, and aural training, will be incorporated into lessons as needed.

During the fall semester, students work toward performing in a winter recital; during the spring semester, they prepare for an end-of-the year recital. Before each recital, students participate in workshops at which they rehearse their pieces and play games with the other students. Summers are less structured, giving the students an opportunity to explore their specific interests while polishing their skills to prepare for the year ahead.